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Product description

The Brava Elastic Tape is designed to prevent the edges of the baseplate from lifting and rolling and keeps the baseplate securely in place. Its elasticity means that it follows body shape and allows freedom of movement. This can mean greater security and longer wear-time of stoma bags.

It is also skin friendly as it absorbs moisture.  Placed on top of the edges of the baseplate, it can be used with one or two pieces depending on need.

Key benefits:

- Designed to move with the body meaning greater security and longer wear-time.

- Skin friendly and durable. It is able to absorb moisture, which makes the baseplate adhesive less prone to detach from the skin.

- Brava Elastic Tape is 1.5 times more elastic than other brands on the market*

*Competitor anaylsis of Hollister Adapt Barrier Extender, Dansac X-tra Strips- Brava Elastic Tape (v2.0), (VV-0127466)