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Product description

The SenSura® Mio Kids 1 piece urostomy bag has unique features specifically designed to fit kids from 6 months to 4 years: 

- A star-shaped, elastic adhesive with special petals designed to hug  kids' small, round bellies whilst giving more flexibility in terms of placement on the abdomen
- Fit zones in the centre and the rim of the baseplate to increase flexibility around the stoma  for optimal range of movement. 

SenSura® Mio Kids bags also provide the same benefits as the other products in our market-leading SenSura® Mio range including:

- An elastic adhesive baseplate featuring BodyFit Technology® allowing secure body contact for protection and a flexible fit during movement
- A patented grey colour textile woven cover – which is comfortable and discreet under even white clothing. The cover is also water repellant and thus showerproof